Salary Structure of an air hostess in India

Posted 08-08-12     Author Mr. Ajay Kurseja

Travel and Tourism industry which is growing fast and it is definitely going to get much bigger in future. If we particularly talk about aviation sector it is one of the major pillar in revenue generation segment of Indian economy.  The career opportunities are increasing a lot in this sector because of this boom. The industry thrives on its customers; therefore, there is a growing concern to keep them safe, happy and comfortable. Hence, a huge demand for a perfect cabin crew which includes air hostesses and flight stewards.

The salary of an airhostess is generally high, An Airhostess working in an international airlines gets more salary and benifits as compared to the one in domestic airlines. The starting monthly salary of an airhostess working in a domestic airlines is somewhere between Rs.25,000 – Rs.40,000. 

An airhostess after serving a specific period of her job in a particular airlines gets promotion to the posts of senior flight attendant and, then, head attendant or similar positions. Sometimes, she gets the opportunities to diversify in to other departments in the airline industry. 

A senior air hostess can get a pay of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 a month in public/private sector airlines. Domestic private airlines pay more. In foreign airlines, senior airhostess can earn Rs.3 lakh a month.

Above mention salary structure is just observation till date or show an average scenario of industry. It may also depend on candidate and vary airline to airline.