Ground Staff Career Role and Responsibilities

Posted 22-05-12     Author Mr Ajay Kurseja

The individuals working in ground duty branch are often known as 'ground crew' or Ground Staff. They work at airports to keep airplanes running efficiently. From welcoming passengers to an aircraft’s take-off, airport ground staff and air operations personnel play a crucial role in areas such as commercial activities, airline operations and the running of airports.

As true customer service or flight management professionals, these roles call for dynamism and professionalism at all times and operates in a highly regulated environment that requires strict security measures.

We can divide role of ground staff in two major categories

  1. Commercial Role of Ground Staff
  2. Technical Operation Role of Ground Staff

Commercial Role of Ground Staff Includes

  1. To Provide all necessary information to passengers and make their journey easier and comfortable
  2. Welcome Passengers and Handling help desk counter
  3. Carry out check-in, boarding and disembarkation procedures
  4. Promote and sell airline products

Technical Role of Ground Staff Includes

  1. Coordinating and managing staff around the aircraft during its stopover
  2. Draft and hand over the necessary documents for the flight to the aircraft captain
  3. Preparation of the flight plan, fuel, weather condition and other important information
  4. Management of take-off slots with air traffic organizations
  5. Management of the airline network and fleet


International Travel and Tourism Institute (ITTI), Ahmedabad provides airport ground staff training programmes as per IATA regulations.  IATA Certificate is must for Ground Staff Training courses and it is valid all over the world.